«Ukrmontazhspetsbud» Corporation
The Ukrmontazhspetsbud Corporation is rated among the largest construction and erection associations in Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States and countries of Eastern Europe.
In construction of industrial and civil installations, the Corporation agencies perform the following kinds of work: the installation of metalworks and precast reinforced concrete; the installation of diverse production equipment; the laying of metal and polymer pipelines; the installation of heating, water supply, sewerage, ventillation, air conditioning and gas supply systems; the mounting and adjustment of electric power systems, networks and equipment; the chemical protection and heat insulation of pipelines, structures and equipment for fire-resistant operations.
The corporation has thre most powerful industrial base in Ukraine for the manufacturing of building metalwork. The total productivity of building metalwork of the factories is 500 000 ton per one year. Traditionally they deliver their production abroad, to almost 50 countries of the world.
In the construction of many important industrial facilities, the Corporation cooperated with such widely known foreign companies as «Hammer», PDM, «Occidental Petroleum» (USA), «TEC Corporation» and TEK (Japan), «Krupp» (Germany), «Tecnimont» (Italy), KONE (Finland), and others.
The Corporation’s agencies have broad experience in restoration, reconstruction and erection of complex engineering structures. For almost 40 years, they have been a leading proponent in Ukraine of using the most up-to-date technologies in construction to build TV towers and masts; power supply and communication systems and networks, telecommunications; bridges, railway bridges; oil terminals and reservoir stocks.


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