The reconstruction and overhaul of a four storey building with superstructure of fifth floor on Chervonoarmiyska Str. 34 was carried out for office center of industrial-finance group of Vardinnoyannis in 1995 (total area - 1530 sq.m.; duration of reconstruction was 9 months).
The building, erected at the end of XIX century, belongs to valuable historical background development. Although it has survived two revolutions and two wars, the building was never overhauled.
During reconstruction of the building its historical facade was preserved, inside the building stucco and modeling works were renovated as well as bannisters of stairs and balconies, fireplaces. The Interior plan of building was completely changed in accordance with new functionality and up-to-date requirements.
The partitions and ceilings were completely dismantled, the backstairs were replaced with lift and the independent water reservoir and gas boiler-room were designed and installed there. An added floor on the attic made the building higher by half storey without interfering with facade. The building is crowned with atrium which provides natural lighting.
The works were performed by Ukraisabuild enterprises, «Ukrrestavratsia».

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