Building corporation «UkrAsiaBuild» began construction of the unique housing project in 2nd district on Balzaka Str., 4 in January 2001.
The housing project consists of 6 single-section buildings with 34 stories. Floor area of the building is unique for Ukraine. Each building consists of the premises with such functions:
  • Floor 1 — total area near 590 sq.m. — premises of domestic and social use (chemist’s, shops, recreational and educational establish-ments);
  • Floor 2, 17, 34 — technical;
  • Floor 3 - 16, 18 - 33 — residential.
In addition, the project will have underground parking for 400 cars, as well as playgrounds and tennis courts.
The total area of underground and above-ground buildings of the project is almost 140 000 sq.m.
The Draft design (idea) of the project belongs to Komarovskyi architectural bureau, a well-known Kyiv architect. Working documents are being developed by the Central Design Institute of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
Planning solutions of apartments incorporate up-to-date requirements for both the comfort and workability of rooms. The kitchen area is approx/from 12 sq.m., The kitchens and living-rooms are situated nearby (owing to monolithic and carcass technology these rooms can be joint), in apartments with more than 2 rooms there will be 2 sanitary units, etc.
The deadline for construction is in the first quarter of 2004.

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