On 24 January, 2003, in the offices of BC UkrAsiaBuild, BC UkrAsiaBuild's Chairman of the board, S.A. Farenik, met with the financial deputy director of the railway-transport enterprise "Belgrad", Myroslav Korpash and with the financial director of JSC "Agrovoyevodyna-Tehnohimiya", Bilyana Marash, to discuss the Ukrainian-Serbian companies' cooperation opportunities.

On January 31 - February 2, 2002, representatives of BC UkrAsiaBuild, S.A. Shpatenko and L.V. Suprun, visited Serbia and participated in negotiations with Yugoslavian businessmen. Following the negotiations, a Record of intentions was signed between BC UkrAsiaBuild and JSC "Agrovoyevodyna-Tehnohimiya".

An agreement to consider the following cooperation opportunities was reached: the opening of the BC UkrAsiaBuild representative office in Novy Sad (Serbia) on the basis of the JSC "Agrovoyevodyna-Tehnohimiya"; the organization of the joint venture; the creation of the consignment warehouse using spaces of the JSC "Agrovoyevodyna-Tehnohimiya".

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