The official delegation of Ukraine, led by Vice-minister of industrial policy, V.G. Padalko, made an official visit to the Federative Republic of Brazil in November 2001. During the visit, L.V. Suprun represented BC UkrAsiaBuild in the negotiations with Petrobras company management and in the business forum of the Brazilian business circles representatives.

Petrobras company delegation made a reciprocal visit to Ukraine on December 15-21, 2001. Delegation members, accompanied by Vice-chairman of the board of directors, S.A. Shpatenko, visited the large industrial enterprises of the UkrAsiaBuild Building Corporation.

During the visit, negotiations were held with the Petrobras company management concerning Ukrainian enterprises' participation in the construction and repair of oil and gas pipelines and compressor plants. A preliminary agreement was achieved on the participation of BC UkrAsiaBuild in the construction of two thermal power stations.

On January 16 - 17, 2002, the President of Federal Republic of Brazil, F.H. Cardoso, made a state visit to Ukraine. From the UkrAsiaBuild Building Corporation, Chairman of the board ,S.A. Farenik; Vice-chairman of the board, S.A. Shpatenko; and Advisor to the Chairman of the board, L.V Suprun, took part in the business conference with the participation of the President of Ukraine, L. Kuchma and the President of Federal Republic of Brazil, F.H. Cardoso.

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