On October 22 - 25, the second meeting of the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC) took place in London.

This international establishment, organized with the initiative of Congressman Curt Weldon, specializes in providing strategic pro bono analysis and guidance to governments around the world to promote a better understanding of geo-strategic energy security and supply issues between private enterprises and governments. In facilitating this mission the IEAC will provide advice to governments as if affects energy related activities.

Today about 30 senior executives of energetic corporations worldwide are members of IEAC.

The topic of a roundtable discussion of Oversight Members, Council Members and Advisors in London was ENERGY SECURITY Europes Strategic Interest and the North African (the Maghreb) Dimension: Libya and Algeria.

There were 23 Oversight Members, Council Members and Advisors present at the second IEAC meeting. Ukraine in IEAC was represented by Mr. Farenik, Chairman of the Board of Building Corporation "UkrAsiaBuild", but because of his participation in the conference titled "The role of private sector in the development of new Iraq", held in Spain on the 22nd - 25th of October, 2003, International relations advisor to BC "UkrAsiaBuild" Gryshchenko O. K. represented the interests of the Corporation.

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