From July 23rd to 25th, Mr. Farenik, Chairman of the Board of Building Corporation "UkrAsiaBuild", visited Washington, DC. The reason of his visit was inaugural meeting of the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC).

Inaugural meeting of the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC) in Capitol on
23rd - 25th July 2003.
This international establishment, organized with the initiative of Congressman Curt Weldon, specializes in providing strategic pro bono analysis and guidance to governments around the world to promote a better understanding of geo-strategic energy security and supply issues between private enterprises and governments. In facilitating this mission the IEAC will provide advice to governments as if affects energy related activities.
Today about 30 senior executives of energetic corporations worldwide are members of IEAC.
The topic of a roundtable discussion of Oversight Members, Council Members and Advisors in the Capitol was Iraq, Iran and North Korea: alternative energy solutions to diffuse conflict & pipeline issues; energy reconstruction.
There were 18 Oversight Members, Council Members and Advisors present at the Inaugural IEAC meeting, among which Mr. Farenik was from Ukraine.

Mr. Farenik has also met with representatives of International Finance Corporation, Department of the World Bank, Mr. S. Gulrez Hoda (Principal Investment Oficcer Oil, Gas, Mining & Chemicals Department) and Mr. Neeraj Jain (Senior Investment Officer Southern Europe and Central Asia), with whom discussed cooperation opportunities of Project Financing. Taking into consideration International Finance Corporation demands, BC UkrAsiaBuild is preparing a package of detailed information concerning possible investment projects.

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