On November 28, 2003, Chairman of Board of BC "UkrAsiaBuild" S.A. Farenik successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled "Management as a form of interconnecting theoretical models and practical decisions". The same year a monograph by S.A. Farenik was published under the title "Oil and gas complex of Ukraine. Theory and practice of management" (Kyiv, UAGU, 2003, 568 pp).

The Monograph is devoted to the systems analysis of functioning and management of the oil and gas complex of Ukraine. The book defines the role of the oil and gas in the fuel and energy complex of the Ukrainian economy. Logical, historical and synthetical models of the oil and gas complex of Ukraine management are presented. The Complex's distinctive features are studied, as well as problems, tendencies and prospects of development. Special attention is paid to the problems of the diversification of gas supply to Ukraine, and the role of Ukraine in the international system of European energy security.

The Monograph is intended for managers, scientists and specialists in the field of oil and gas complex, as well as for students and post-graduate students who investigate and study the theory of management and its practical applications.

This new research of the theory and practice of management sums up the latest period of scientific and scholastic activities of S.A. Farenik - senior lecturer at the philosophy chair of the Ukrainian academy of public administration. Sergii Farenik is the author of 27 scientific studies, including two monographs: "Logic and methodology of scientific research", 2000, and "Managing social processes: creating and implementing social models", 2003.

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